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Data Privacy

Data Privacy Statement

We take your privacy very seriously and will not distribute your personal information to any third parties without your consent.

Your application will be used solely for the purpose of consideration for employment. By agreeing to these terms and submitting your personal data and application, (1) you acknowledge that the information given in the application is complete and true: (2) you give your consent to the processing of the information contained in this application and any other personal data you may provide separately in the manner and to the extent described; and (3) you authorize ResultsCX to verify, or have verified on their behalf, all statements and information contained in this application and to make any necessary reference checks. (4) During the course of your employment, Results may need to provide your personal information or data, including, but not limited to, your name, social security number and date of birth, to third-parties for employment related purposes and for you to provide services to our clients. You acknowledge and understand that we have taken or may need to take this action and your signature on this form shall serve as your consent for Results to do so.

By submitting this application and using this site and these job search and application services and functions you acknowledge that your personal information and data will be handled as described in this Privacy Statement and the Data Privacy Policy.

Thank you for your interest in applying to ResultsCX. ResultsCX has a diverse mix of men and women of different nationalities and ethnic groups, orientations, backgrounds, and cultures. We value this diversity and continuously encourage the very best candidates to apply to ResultsCX.